Annual Board of Directors Meeting 3 5 2016




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 March 5, 2016



Pledge of Allegiance to Flag was led by Gerald Blanton.


Meeting was called to order at 10:10 a.m. by President Blanton.  Roll call was taken, Octovio Morales, Dan Clements, Robert Stone, Joan Duimstra, Jimmy Rowell and Alice Long.


It was established that a quorum was present. There was 141 present and only 111 was needed.


Richard Brill made the motion to accept the minutes of Feb.28, 2016.   Jimmy Prince seconded.  Motion carried.


Alice Long, Treasurer read and reported on the Treasurer’s report.  Motion made to accept the report was made Octovio Morales, and seconded by Roger LaForge.


Old Business:   Based on research and information obtained, Wifi for the resort will not be available  at this time.



New Business:


Changes to By Laws


  • Motion made by Larry Baluch to approve :  Article IV. Directors Sec 1 (a) The Board of Directors shall consist of not less than three (3), nor more than seven (7) members, elected from the membership at each annual meeting.  Each Director shall be elected from the membership for a term of three (3) years.  Terms will be staggered to allow three (3) Directors to be elected one year, two (2) Directors the next year and two (2) directors the following year.


(b) Each member of the Board of Directors shall be either the owner of a lot or have a

Recorded interest therein.  Only one owner or person with recorded interest therein may serve on the board at the same time.


The motion was seconded by Jack Murphy.  The ayes for 121 and the opposed 10.  Motion passed.


  • Motion made by Bill Kendall to approve: Article VIII, Section 5. Budget

(a) The Board of Directors shall adopt a budget for the resort for each calendar year which shall include the estimated funds required to meet current expenses and required reserves for operation of the association. The Board of Directors shall have the discretion to reallocate reserve funds as required to a pooled reserve base to complete designated capital improvements for which reserve funds are allocated.


(c) The Board of Directors is specifically empowered, on behalf of the Association, to make and collect assessments and to maintain, repair and replace the common elements and the limited common elements of the Resort. Docks or seawalls are limited common elements for the benefit of the lot owner. Their maintenance, repairs, and replacements are the responsibility of the lot owner. The Board of Directors at its discretion may pool the reserve expenditures to complete designated capital improvements as needed.


Motion seconded by Octovio Morales, vote taken:  127 ayes and 1 nay


Motion passed.




          Covenants and Restrictions:


A motion was made by Larry Baluch to approve Covenants and Restrictions: 12.1  It is further the specific intent of the Resort and this Declaration to create and Maintain a luxury Resort for recreational vehicles and to prohibit permanent or semi-permanent structures as well as any structure, vehicle or lot which is used as, or designated for use as, permanent living quarters.  It is the declared intent of this declaration to exclude mobile homes from being placed on any lot, and to create and maintain an area designed for maximum beauty. In that regard, all lots shall be reserved and restricted for recreation campsites and camping vehicles, including within such category, modern travel trailers, fifth wheel trailers, motor homes, tent type folding trailers, pick-up campers that are mobile with current registration maintained and displayed.


The motion was seconded by Rudy Harris,  vote:  opposed 0   Ayes  131


Motion passed.


12.2  (j):


Motion made by Sandy Baluch to approve:  Construction of fences, radio and TV antennas on the lots is prohibited.  This does not prevent the use of satellite dishes with a diameter of twenty-four (24) inches or less on the lot.  This prohibition does not prevent the construction of railings around patios and decks as approved by the Board of Directors for plans approved by the Architectural Review Committee.


Motion seconded by Sandy Baluch.   Vote:  opposed   11       Ayes 107


Motion passed.


12.2 (l)


Motion made by Marty Stuhl:  Tables, benches, fireplaces, grills, deluxe outdoor kitchens, Casitas and patio covers may be erected only in compliance with the rules established by the Architectural Review Committee and approved by the Board of



Seconded by Marilyn Bowden.  Vote:  opposed: 53    Ayes  74


Motion passed.


12.2 (m)   A motion to amend 12.2 (m) to read made by Donna Kendall:


A rule must be established for lot owners during periods in which the Lot is not occupied shall keep the Lot neat, clean and orderly and shall store personal property out of sight.


Motion seconded by Bill Kendall.   Opposed  3          Ayes   115


Motion passed.


12.5  Motion made by Jerry Blanton :  No commercial (remove For Sale) signs of any kind shall be displays on any Lot without the prior written consent of the Association which shall not be unreasonably withheld.


Motion seconded by Octovio Morales.    Vote:   opposed 78     Ayes  45


Motion was not approved.


Motion to add paragraph (b) to 12.12 by Richard Brill:  (b) Only motor vehicles and vehicles designated by F.S. 320.01 (36) as an “electric vehicle” or F.S. 320.01 (22) “Golf Cart” may be operated inside the resort. “Utility Vehicles” as defined by F.S. 320.01 (42) may be used by the association for conducting association business such as Maintenance, security and any other activities relate to the operation of the association.


Motion seconded by Roger LaForge.   Opposed  18                 Ayes  108


Motion passed


A Motion was made by Richard Brill that the building extension as described and proposed could be undertaken up to $125,000 cap.


Motion seconded by Larry Baluch.      Opposed:  25        Ayes  97



The manager’s report was given by Eric Suesz, manager.


Results of the election:


Jerry Blanton:             103

Dan Clements             101

Octovio Morales         105

Linda Smith                31

Roger LaForge            15

Jim Prince                   3

Jeffrey Biegun            1

Rita Baird                   4

John Kobus                 1

Wm Hiatt                    1

Bill Kendall                1

Bob Rowe                   1



Motion made by Alice Long to adjoun, seconded by Roger LaForge.  Meeting adjourned.


Respectfully submitted,



Joan Duimstra,