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Rules & Regulations

Association Rules & Documents

Check-In Regulations for Owners, Renters & Guests:

1.    All parties must register at the RV check-in prior to occupying lots.
2.    Upon arrival, the authorized Renter or Guest-of-Owner will check-in at the RV office and present confirmation number. They will receive a copy of the rules and regulations and the proper permits for their RV and automobile or truck.
3.    The Association will not be responsible for calling the Owner if Guest/Renter does not have confirmation number. River Ranch RV Resort Owners Association reserves the right to deny occupancy by /to Guests and Renters who refuse to comply with the rules.
4.    All owners must notify the Association upon arrival and departure when their lot will be unoccupied for any extended period.

RV Regulations:

1.    All RV's must be self-contained except those permitted in the D of C&R.
2.    Rental pop-ups and truck campers that are not self-contained must be assigned lots that are with in reasonable walking distance to bathhouses.
3.    Park models and mobile homes are prohibited. (D of C&R)
4.    Only one (1) occupied RV is permitted per lot.
5.    Parents or other adults arriving with children are responsible for the actions of those children.
6.    Truck camping units must remain on the truck at all times while in the RV Resort.
7.    No recreational vehicle can be supported by concrete blocks or any other support of a permanent or semi-permanent nature. (D of C&R)
8.    RV and/or slide-outs may not extend beyond un-maintained areas. Un­maintained areas include concrete slabs, wooden decks and mulched areas with no vegetation growing beneath the slide-out sections. (D of C&R)

9.    RV may not overhang beyond an un-maintained area. (D of C&R)
10.  RV's may not be modified in any manner to give the appearance of a permanent structure or park model. RV's must meet manufacturer's standards, and may not exceed 102 inches in width or 45 feet in length.
11.    RV rooftop viewing platforms may not be used on RV' s in the RV Resort.
12.    RV's not meeting current Association standards must be removed from the RV Resort when the lot is sold, transferred, or conveyed. (D of C&R)
13.    All RV's must display a current license plate. (D of C&R)

Vehicle Regulations:

1.    All motorized vehicles, including golf carts and scooters, must be registered with the Association, who will then issue the proper passes or decals.
2.    All motorized vehicles in the RV Resort will display valid permits/passes or decals issued at the Association or RV office.
3.    Only licensed drivers may operate motorized vehicles, including golf carts within the RV Resort.
4.    A speed limit of 10 MPH is strictly enforced within the RV Resort.

5.    No ATV's, hoverboards, go-carts, trail bikes, mini-bikes or 4 wheel drive off road vehicles are to be operated within the RV Resort. Motorized vehicles that are extremely loud may not be operated within the RV Resort.
6.    All motorized vehicles and bicycles must have lights and tail lights/reflectors installed and operating during hours of darkness.
7.    Parking is limited to one RV and two additional vehicles plus one golf cart or combination of the two providing they fit on the concrete pad. Parking of additional vehicles and trailers must be arranged for at the Mustang Center.
8.    No vehicle or trailer may be driven or parked on the grass or wooden sections of a patio or deck.
9.    No Parked vehicle may "overhang" grass areas.
10.    Overnight occupancy of vehicles, other than the self-contained RV is prohibited.
11.    Spray painting of vehicles in the RV Resort is prohibited.
12.    Parking on vacant sites without authorization from the Owner is prohibited.

Boat Regulations:

1.    Airboats are prohibited on Phase V canal.
2.    Maximum length of boats in the Phase V canal is twenty-four (24) feet.

Lot Regulations:

1.    The maximum number of occupants occupying lots overnight is 8.
2.    All areas of the RV Resort, each lot, all vehicles and any other personal property thereon shall be kept in a clean, safe and sanitary condition. (D of C&R)
3.    Sleeping outside in sleeping bags or tents is prohibited.
4.    Florida State Law requires the use of "donuts" or other approved devices on all sewer hoses.
5.    Quiet hours are from 11pm to 7am.
6.    Flowerbeds, trees and shrubbery and patios must be maintained by the Owner to RV Resort standards.
7.    The Board of Directors may direct any lot owner to maintain, repair or replace any deficiency of RV Resort standards on said lot. The Board may perform such maintenance, repair and replacement as it may deem necessary and assess the cost thereof to the lot Owner(s). Nothing contained herein shall be construed as requiring the Board to maintain, repair, or replace any appurtenance to any lot. (D ofC&R)
8.    Campfires are permitted on those sited having approved fireplaces or fire rings. All fires must have someone in attendance at all times.
9.    Campfires are permitted on those sites having an approved fireplace or fire ring. Portable fire pits are allowed. All fires must have someone in attendance at all times and fire pits must be covered when not in use.
10.    Phase V sites are permitted above ground portable fire pits on the concrete pad only. NO FIRE IS PERMITTED ON THE DOCK.
11.    Chimineas are permitted in all Phases, but must have legs.

12.    Lot Owner may not make any alterations or improvements to their lot without written approval of two or more members of the Architectural Review Committee {ARC) or their designee.

13.    Colors used to stain or paint patios and decks must have the written approval of ARC.
14.    Dock colors and stains must be an approved color and must have the written approval of ARC.
15.    Storage structures must conform to current standards approved by the Architectural Review Committee (ARC). Current storage structure size and placement requirements are found in the ARC documents.
16.    No tents or freestanding screen rooms are permitted on RV sites. (D of C&R)
17.    RV screen rooms shall not exceed the dimensions of any single and permanently attached RV roll-up awning. The screen room must be attached to and under the roll-up patio awning. No permanent or freestanding posts of any kind shall be utilized in conjunction with any screen room. (D of C&R)
18.    Owners, Renters and their Guests must refrain from entering or crossing any site they do not own, without the Owners permission.
19.    Firearms, fireworks, air rifles, bb guns, bows and arrows, etc. cannot be discharged/fired within the RV Resort.
20.    Freestanding external antennas including VHF, UHF, or YAGI antennas are not permitted. Freestanding Satellite dishes up to 24-inch diameter are permitted. (D of C&R)
21.    "For Sale" signs are permitted. Only one sign is authorized per lot and can be no larger than 8 inches by 10 inches. Signs may not be nailed or affixed to trees or shrubbery. Signs, other than "for sale" must be approved, and are subject to restrictions determined by the Board of Directors and/or ARC.

22.    No commercial activity by contractors will occur between the hours of 5pm and 8am. No commercial activity by contractors will occur on Sundays or Holidays.
23.    Freestanding swings are permitted but must be approved in writing by ARC or the RV Resort Manager. Swings must not be placed on grass areas.


Pet Regulations:

1.    No animals or foul shall be kept or maintained on the lots or in the RV Resort except customary household pets. (D of C&R)
2.    Pets must be kept on a leash at all times when outside the RV, including when riding in golf carts.
3.    Pet Owners must pick up after pets and properly dispose of their waste.
4.    Pets are not allowed in any Association building, bathroom or swimming pool or tennis court enclosures. Service animals are excluded.
5.    Do not feed alligators or any wild animals.

Association Building Regulations:

1.    Smoking is not permitted in any Association building.
2.    A complete set of regulations for use of Association facilities may be obtained from the Association office.
3.    Prior reservations of Association buildings or special rooms, including the Owners' lounge, are on a "first come, first served" basis. Reservations may be made in person or by calling the Association office at 863-692-1116.

4.    Long-standing reservations are prohibited (i.e.: every Christmas Day, Super Bowl Sunday, etc.).
5.    Individual owners have priority use of the Owners Lounge over weekly events such as card playing groups, bingo, etc. These groups may use the Owners Lounge weekly but must relinquish it should an individual Owner desire to reserve it.
6.    The Owner reserving the facility will be responsible for leaving it clean and tidy.
7.    The reserving Owner will be held financially responsible for any additional cleaning necessary.
8.    An Owner must accompany all Owner's Guests and children under the age of 18 in the restricted areas of the Mustang Center.
9.    Owners using Association facilities after working hours must insure the facility lights are out and doors are locked when leaving.

Swimming Pool & Hot Tub Regulations:

1.    No lifeguards are on duty.
2.    No glass containers are permitted in the pool or hot tub area.
3.    An adult must accompany children under the age of 12.
4.    Children under the age of 12 are not permitted in hot tub.
5.    Rafts, inflatable boats/mattresses, beach balls and other large flotation devices are not allowed in the pool. Permitted in the pool are child approved flotation devices and noodles. Flotation devices used during scheduled exercise classes are permitted. No flotation devices of any kind are to be used in the hot tub.
6.    Children three years and younger, as well as any child not potty trained, must use a water resistant swim diaper.
7.    No running in the areas of the pool or hot tub.
8.    No diving, yelling or playing ball is permitted.
9.    No pets are permitted inside the swimming pool enclosure.
10.  Skateboards and roller-stakes are not permitted within the swimming pool enclosure.
11.  Pools and hot tubs may not be used while any portion of the pool or hot tub is covered.

Tennis Court Regulations:

1.    No food on the courts.
2.    No glass containers allowed. Liquids must be in plastic containers.
3.    Play is restricted to 1-1/2 hours.
4.    Tennis shoes with white soles are required.
5.    No skateboards, bicycles, roller skates, roller blades etc. are permitted on the courts.
6.    No pets are permitted inside the tennis court enclosure.

Sale of Lots:

The Seller of any River Ranch lot is directed by the Association to provide a copy of the following documents to a prospective Buyer prior to the execution of the Purchase Agreement: 

1.    Articles of Incorporation of River Ranch RV Resort Owners Association, Inc.
2.    By-Laws of River Ranch RV Resort Owners Associations, Inc.
3.    Declaration of Covenants & Restrictions of RRRV Resort Owners Association, Inc.
4.    RRRV Resort Owners Association, Inc. Architectural Review Committee (ARC) Rules and Regulations for Lot Improvements.

The Board of Directors pursuant to authority in the Association's Documents has adopted these rules and regulations. Violations of these regulations may subject the violator to sanctions, including but not limited to fines and payment of costs and attorneys' fees 
incurred by the Association in enforcing the Rules and Regulations. We therefore request and expect compliance.